15 ago. 2012


sketches while working... hehehe

Done at my shitty job... This is for a personal project, long time forgotten. i'll try to resurrect it, but no promises kept...

18 feb. 2012


i know, this is tattoo stuff... Anyway, had to post something here too. Suppose i'm cheating posting the same picture in both my blogs... shame on me.

6 oct. 2011



done with my ol' letraset markers

7 ene. 2011

i just love orcs

I'm a huge fan of The Lord of the rings movies and all the wonderful concept designs behind... So well crafted!! the look of the uruk-hai is amazing and so powerful... and there is a little Keiko head too!

9 dic. 2010

bg xperiment

Just experimenting with a technique used by Scott Robertson... very interesting and challenging method, and so fun! markers+ps
i definitely will post more little crap like this as soon as i can!

29 nov. 2010

Round 2!

So "Black Pete" got a serious beating in round 1... "The Dentist" was meant to fight instead Pete, and now is ready to knock out some teeth! I got really hooked on this contest, it's kinda exciting to see the other fighters joining the brawl...

27 nov. 2010

26 nov. 2010

sketchoholic submission

Okey, another sketchoholic submission... really cool topic (victorian fighters). I wanted to submit 2 fighters; curious thing that "Black Pete" wasn't among them... he came up when i was painting a cleaner version of one of them. The other guys were big and thick blokes, but liked the idea of a small challenger, quick and steady, with coal dust all over him... and there he is!

20 nov. 2010

17 nov. 2010

winning submission

okeyyy! finally won a sketchoholic contest!! i did it in a couple of hours... the cannon sucks, though. I'll finish up this and other submissions in order to post'em properly..i have the feeling my submissions go unfinished because of the contest's deadline and i have to work hard on that!! again thanks everyone who make this baby a winner!!!

9 nov. 2010

4 nov. 2010

30 oct. 2010

sketchoholic submission

i did this dude just a day before the sketchoholic friday contest' theme was revealed, then i polished it just a little and there it goes! (just glad to submit it on time, sure i won't win)
Bobby Chiu is doing such a wonderful and worthy work with this site!!

16 sept. 2010

Vanessa and Wacom rules!!!

Vanessa is my lovely girlfriend; she gave me the awesomest birthday gift ever, a wacom intuos4!!!!! now i'm finishing old stuff and doing new failings like this boy here... a creature concept for the Oddworld just for fun! done in a couple hours... maybe could have done more texture and details... i think it's ok, though.

21 may. 2010

Digital Sketch

Two posts the same day!! well, it's all unfished stuff i got... i managed to make my ol' bluetooth wacom work properly and i'm fishing some digital drawings... this was meant to open a new art blog with a friend of mine (wonderful artist Irene Llorente tuptin.blogspot.com); i thought the openning theme was characters from Oddworld's games... the blog still undone.

A little Daimio

A simple sketch and a bit of photoshop